The 1st International Workshop on Describing Medical Web Resources (DRMed 2024) was held in conjunction with the 21st International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (MIE 2024), May 27, 2024, Göteborg, Sweden.

The number of health information web resources is increasing day by day. The content of these resources is very variable and difficult to assess. Furthermore, the number of people searching for health-related information is also increasing. The development of tools to support the process of describing the content of medical web resources with meta-data that facilitate their retrieval, and with quality labels by certified authorities, is crucial for the delivery of content of better quality to health information consumers.

The DRMed workshop at MIE 2024 aims at providing a focused international forum for researchers, developers and labeling organizations to present the scope of the problem, discuss the potential of semantic web technologies and outline promising future research directions.

Target audience:

The workshop is not exclusive to, but is meant especially for the following categories of participants:

  • Developers interested in addressing automation in the description process of medical web resources, as well as, supporting content description standards in medical web applications.
  • Researchers who want to explore the use of current state of the art knowledge representation and management technologies for the modeling of machine-readable content descriptions, information extraction techniques for facilitating the continuous monitoring of accredited medical web resources and data mining technologies for the automation of the accreditation process.
  • Medical Labeling Organizations interested in applying state of the art semantic web technologies in order to improve the efficiency of their production chain in respect to the required human effort and resources needed.