MedIEQ continues and builds upon the work of previous projects in the area of medical quality labeling (MedCIRCLE, MedCERTAIN, WRAPIN) and quality labelling standards (QUATRO). It aims to tackle the main problem of current medical quality labelling mechanisms, that is, the need for a continuous review and control of the accredited or filtered medical web sites, a process which requires a huge amount of human effort. To achieve this, MedIEQ integrates the efforts of relevant organizations on medical quality labelling, multilingual information retrieval and extraction, semantic resources, from six different European countries (Spain, Germany, Greece, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland). The resulting technology is expected to have a significant impact on medical quality labelling assisting the work of labelling experts, increasing the number of labelled medical sites across Europe and their effective monitoring, and thus improving the quality health knowledge disseminated through the Web.