Helsinki University of Technology, HUT

The Laboratory of Computer and Information Science (CIS) is one of the laboratories of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT). The mission of the laboratory is to conduct research and provide education in the area of adaptive informatics. By adaptive informatics we mean a field of research where automated learning algorithms are used to discover the relevant informative concepts, components, and their mutual relations from large amounts of data. Adaptivity enables computers to adapt to the needs of individuals, groups, enterprises and organizations in the changing world.

Interfacing with the continuously growing amounts of data in scientific, medical, industrial, and financial fields and their transformation to intelligible form for the human user is one of our main foci. Techniques that can quickly discover and analyze complex patterns and learn from new data will be indispensable for information-intensive applications.


The research of the CIS laboratory is conducted within two Centres of Excellence: the Neural Networks Research Center and the Pattern Discovery group of the From Data to Knowledge Research Unit. We offer undergraduate and post-graduate studies on our research fields with the goal of educating knowledgeable, skillful and reflective practitioners and researchers for the field. Our majors are Computer and Information Science, Bioinformatics and Language Technology.

HUT will participate in MedIEQ with the Computational Cognitive Systems group of the Neural Networks Research Center.

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